• EthoStream Customer Testimonials

    The representatives that staff EthoStream's 24/7 in-house support center provide a key component of our industry-leading customer service. Here's just a few samples of feedback from recent callers.

"Logan spent the past 15 minutes walking me through a connectivity problem at a Ramada Inn in Murfreesboro, TN, that turned out not to be a problem with EthoStream or the Ramada. The problem was, as usual, my Dell laptop. I am deeply indebted to this fine, capable young man for his superb service and competence. In an era when calls to a help desk ... result in not much help at all, this was a true breath of fresh air."
Robert H.


"Just wanted to send a quick e-mail to commend David on his amazing service the other day. I was skeptical to even call in for help, as my experience with technical support has been weak at best! David was knowledgeable, fast, and friendly. I was incredibly impressed."
Sherry C.


"Rob explained what needed to be done and helped me understand the issue. We really appreciate his professionalism and willingness to provide exceptional service and take ownership of the issue until it's resolved. He clearly takes pride in his work."
Laurie F.


"I called EthoStream at the suggestion of the front desk, and talked to Joe, who spoke English, was very professional, friendly, and eager to help. He got me connected in a matter of minutes by logging into the back end system, and troubleshooting the problem. His helpful attitude is uncommon in support organizations these days."
Richard N.


"David was respectful, efficient, and personable. Best, he fixed my problem faster than ever, and I'd already approached three others about the situation, and nobody knew how to repair the problem."
Sue G.


"Erik patched up a spare router from remote, had me up and going in five minutes. Didn't force me to troubleshoot non-relating components, and dove right in to address the real issue."
Kavan S.