• EthoStream Remote Management Console

    EthoStream's Remote Management Console is one of the first solutions to integrate cutting-edge hardware with an insightful reporting and management system. EthoStream empowers customers to take control of the high-speed network, guaranteeing that users receive consistent, high-quality service.

EthoStream customers have access to the web-based Remote Management Console from any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection. The Console enables property managers to view the number of users using the Internet in real time, monitor the performance of high-speed Internet access equipment, and make instant changes to the system whenever necessary. The Remote Management Console also allows management to review support call statistics and listen to support calls.


Management Made Easy

EthoStream ensures that hotel managers can take an active role in managing the property's networking equipment, Internet connectivity, and guest Internet experience--all from a single web-based platform. Several different authorization levels can be defined to determine who is able to change settings or access certain sections of the Remote Management Console.

Monitor Your HSIA Anywhere, Anytime

Hotel managers have the ability to check on the high-speed Internet access system's usage and status at any time. The Remote Management Console reports both real-time information and usage summaries, and can be accessed on-site or remotely. Authorized users can also choose to receive automatic alerts via SMS or e-mail.

Reporting Tools

The reporting features of the Remote Management Console include exportable listings of user-defined reports, such as equipment monitoring, guest usage, and Internet browsing statistics. Any properties that have installed an EthoStream Gateway Server can also calculate ROI based on Internet usage.


RMC Key Features

    Real-time usage reporting

    View users accessing the Internet in real-time.

    Bandwidth monitoring

    Review bandwidth consumption to determine whether or not Internet service should be upgraded proactively to accommodate increasing user needs.

    Bandwidth management

    Automatically detect and penalize users who abuse the Internet. As soon as users stop abusing the network, they will begin to earn back bandwidth.

    Guest usage statistics

    Compile data to generate custom usage reports.

    24/7 network device monitoring

    Monitor equipment performance to ensure that users receive consistent, quality service.