• EthoStream Installation & Service

    EthoStream designs and develops products and services in-house instead of outsourcing. This ensures that technicians have the ability to efficiently install and program the EthoStream hardware. A property will undergo wiring, placement, and final testing during a single site visit that generally takes less than a week.


The EthoStream Swap

Interested in the service and support capabilities provided by EthoStream but have an existing HSIA network? EthoStream can perform a "server swap," installing a new EthoStream Gateway Server within the existing HSIA network to enable remote system configuration and customer support.

Call or e-mail an EthoStream sales representative to start building your HSIA network today!

e-mail: sales@ethostream.com
Toll Free: +1 877.536.2984

The Installation Process

EthoStream will survey, plan, cable, and program with the same resources, simplifying the installation process and ensuring that quality high-speed Internet access solutions will be provided. From there, EthoStream installs equipment, provides usage training, and maintains the network with both on-site and remote support.

What Sets EthoStream Apart?

Only EthoStream offers the Total Solution. EthoStream provides all the services necessary for quality wired and wireless high-speed Internet access. Support and service will not be contracted out to other companies. When a customer calls for assistance, they can rely on an in-house team of knowledgeable and experienced employees to resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently.